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Texans Commemorate the 187th Anniversary at the Alamo
2023-03-06 09:47:29
Every March, people from all over the world gather to pay tribute to those who defended the Alamo. This morning's events included music, readings and prayers along with a wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the 187th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo.

The Alamo was a mission and fortress located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. In 1836, during the Texas Revolution, a group of Texan defenders, including famous figures like Davy Crockett and William Barret Travis, occupied the Alamo to defend it against the Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna.

After a 13-day siege, the Mexican army attacked the Alamo on March 6, 1836, and overran the defenses, killing all of the Texan defenders. The exact number of defenders who died is uncertain, but estimates range from 182 to 257. All of the Mexican soldiers survived the battle, but they suffered a high number of casualties.

The battle of the Alamo became a symbol of heroic resistance and sacrifice for the Texans, and their rallying cry of "Remember the Alamo" became a famous slogan during the remainder of the Texas Revolution. The defeat at the Alamo was followed by the Battle of San Jacinto, where the Texans defeated the Mexican army and won their independence from Mexico.